Stress Management

What I Do

Welcome, I’m Meg – A globetrotting Stress Terminator helping people build confidence in their mind, body, and health as they age.


Gain strength, mobility & energy. Feel confident facing fears. Create habits that get you off the diet cycle for good. 

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You Need A Shift In Your Health, Career, Or Relationships.

Gone Mad

Personal & Group Coaching

Movement improvement for Strength and Mobility, Injury Rehab/Prehab, Aging, Special Needs, and more!

Signature Program

Lose weight and gain it back? Gain dietary freedom through coaching methods proven with 100,000 clients!


Save time from health & wellness myths based on bad science, BS, and strict formulas.


Bring home a new perspective that transforms into meaningful changes in your work, life, and health.

Evidence-Based Coaching


You’ve invested time, effort, and money into gyms, diets, and the odd self-help book … but you’re still stressed. You want a worldy experience that transforms into the confidence to take on new challenges. – I’ve got you!



Strength, energy, and mobility without hours in a gym

Brave expression as you bring a new style to life

Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

Escape your dietary rut with SKILLS that last a lifetime