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About | Lost And Found
Hello, my name is Megan Guthmiller
  • stress terminator

  • confidence coach

  • globetrotter


My Lost and Found Wellness dream started to manifest while I was Lost AF in a 10 day road trip through Sri Lanka. The small wonderland taught me three key lessons that transformed my life, business, and health.

1) Feeling lost is never the problem

2) The ability to connect with other people will always be the greatest measure of health

3) Movement and play are universal languages


My purpose is to build confidence in populations where the message is the opposite. I’ve helped new moms, aging adults, and young coaches all over the world pull possibility from what they believe to be impossible.

With over ten years experience in the health and fitness industry I wasn’t always healthy and fit. It took me nearly 30 years to get out of override mode and trust Intuition.

I dreamed of feeling confident in my skin and moving freely. I believed the more I exercised with intensity and stuck to strict diets the healthier I was going to look and feel. After several hospital visits for undergoing too much physical and digestive stress it was time to make a shift in my habits, beliefs, and environment. 

I dream big! I was successful at achieving many goals but the older I got, the more responsibility and expectations piled on. I rarely said NO for fear of looking lazy or unqualified. I found myself in a cycle of being spread thin, running on autopilot, or paralyzed with options. Whether it’s emotional, social, or physical stress – when you can’t say no, your body finds a way to say it for you. 

Drifting along at my job and the gym I had a hard time locating a purpose. I wasn’t sure it was something I needed but I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was meant to experience more than my 9-5 and a new pair of gym shoes. I created the opportunity to lead, inspire, and move beyond my current sphere of influence.

I’ve been lonely. Everyone seemed so far ahead of me in health, jobs, love, and retirement plans. I lived in constant stress of how to catch up and still enjoy things I love like food, wine, nature, family, friends, and travel. Making better friends with myself allowed my relationships to hold more meaning and relieve fears of falling behind.

I’ve been lost in love, careers, cities, health, wealth, and happiness. What I always find is a spirit of gratitude, a deeper connection to myself, and to the world around me. Personal responsibility and choice are at the core of what I teach and live.

Lost and Found Wellness won’t pin you to strict rules in finding your balance. It provides you with practical tools and support to create meaning out of YOUR life experiences.

The path is rarely flat and straight, but I’m on my path! Read below for more about the experiences that lead me to Lost and Found Wellness.


  • Global

    2017 - Present

    Creator & Coach | Lost and Found Wellness

    Transformational experiences locally, online, and abroad offering work-life-health balance for individuals and groups. Assess and help pinpoint obstacles preventing lifestyle changes. Support and coach through goal clarification, communication skills, time and task organization. Customize, facilitate and monitor progress. Collaborate with outside entities, research, and use critical thinking skills in order to address physical, social, and emotional needs.

  • Global

    2016 - 2017

    Creator & Chef | B3 Meals

    B3 Meals started as a weekend venture between friends. In need of a dietary break on the quest for abs we'd get lost AF in the kitchen looking for healthy ways to re-create desserts. The abs didn't last but our passion for cooking, sharing, and making better choices stuck. Referrals poured in and B3 Meals transformed into a meal prep service for Military Contract workers working 12+ hour shifts.

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait

    2014 – 2017

    Operations Manager | Circuit+ Fitness

    Circuit+ was founded with the promise of revolutionizing the concept of fitness in Kuwait, one discipline at a time. Without a business degree I was trusted to help build, operate and represent this million dollar business internationally. As a leader of multi-cultural teams we grew Circuit+ from 227 members, 2 services, 4 disciplines, and 600sq meters to 1000+ members, more than 15 services, 6 disciplines, and 2950sq meters. A whole lotta wellness space activating a community of many ages, abilities, and backgrounds. We initiated International Fitness Events in the region with the Battle Fitness Festival: A world class event bringing in competitors from over 35 Nations, and the Saracen Race: Kuwait's first local 5K Obstacle Race. Circuit+ was the ultimate teacher inspiring my work-life balance and brand development programs today.

  • Omaha, Nebraska

    2008 – 2014

    Project Manager|CrossFit Omaha

    CrossFit Omaha was the 121st CrossFit Affiliate in the world serving a membership from elite and adaptive athletes to general health and wellness. My value of social connection and community developed with CFO by creating partnerships with local farms to bring accessibility to quality food. It expanded regionally with my co-creation of The Snow Bowl Event – a team fitness competition inclusive of a Master’s Division (age 40+). And it went worldwide with my creation of @womenofCFO brand – an online space to deconstruct client concerns of body shaming, hormones, stress, nutrition, and well-being.

  • Omaha, Nebraska

    2013 - 2014

    Puori Account Manager and Brand Ambassador

    Like me, Puori believes in a preventative lifestyle and a holistic approach to health. They provide pure natural supplements for people and a healthier future, and I let the Midwest know about it! The social connections I built through CrossFit Omaha helped me expand the Puori brand across seven states within the Midwest. Traveling to client’s locations to ensure direct support and enthusiasm provided me the opportunity to share experiences and grow as a health and wellness educator.

  • Omaha, Nebraska

    2008 – 2014

    CTRS | Boys Town National Research Hospital

    The Boys Town Residential Treatment Center provides medically directed care for children ages 5 to 18 with severe behavioral health problems or mental illness. Through purpose-driven recreation and leisure activities I challenged Boys Town youth and staff to create meaning out of their life experiences. With an open-mind and collaborative health team my programs helped reduce the medical dependency of patients from an average of 7 prescriptions to an average of 1. My urban gardening projects for the RTC youth instilled values of nutrition, sense of belonging, and sharing. My calling to host worldly adventures started when I connected the Boys Town Youth to youth of Madagascar by cultivating a partnership with Conservation Fusion, a non-profit connecting children to the environment through education and promoting conservation.

  • University of Nebraska, Omaha


    Bachelor Science, Therapeutic Recreation

    Division II National Champion and All-American Swimmer. Vice President of Recreation and Leisure Studies. American Sign Language Studies.

Fun Facts

My favorite shows are dramas of the prohibition and gangster variety.

I’m obsessed with Castles. The stunning views and secret tunnels make my imagination go wild!

It’s always tea time! The whistling pot, bold flavors, and holding a hot cup in my hands; It brings me above the line every time!

Chicken has tried to kill me, twice. I don’t eat it and if I cook it for you, you’re special.

I’m great at road trips. Always prepared with snacks and playlists I know how to fuel a good mood.

My newest hobby is Bouldering! Have you tried it?