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Progress Over Perfection – Achieve Goals Faster | Lost And Found

Progress Over Perfection – Achieve Goals Faster

By Megan Guthmiller Relationships, Work Life Balance No Comments on Progress Over Perfection – Achieve Goals Faster

Last July I gave myself a timeline of one year to get all of my services and my programs online so I can expand my sphere of influence. Surprise! If you tell yourself you have one year to do something … you’ll take the whole year! I felt paralyzed with all the things I needed to do and learn before I could start.

Since adopting the mantra “progress, not perfect” (thank you B School) I have found myself achieving more goals in the last three months than I did in the 7 months prior to that. My first paid workshop had 2 attendees. Not quite the vision I had. I could have easily turned away after that and said, “this won’t pay the bills” or “maybe this just isn’t for me”, but an inner voice kept telling me to explore.

Written on my computer, phone, and daily agenda is “Progress, not perfect”. After a few rounds of running workshops the attendance increased more than 10 times. I had improved my delivery, revamped my content to be more clear, and even started running people through the material online without having a website yet.

Try viewing your health, personal, and career goals in “more or less” rather than black and white terms. I promise you don’t have to know every step ahead of you to start. Under mind chatter, habits, and distractions are the things that excite you. Go follow them!

– Meg

Video: The first version always sucks! Just start and commit to laughing and learning along the way!

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