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The Snooze Routine – Good Sleep Starts When You Wake Up! | Lost And Found

The Snooze Routine – Good Sleep Starts When You Wake Up!

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As a kid I was the WORST at waking up. I would literally fall asleep in the shower getting ready for school. I rarely had time to eat breakfast and was often left with the threat of “hurry up or take the bus!” Not much changed through college or even the first five years of my professional life. I would forever be a snooze button abuser and hater of early mornings.

Then I moved to Kuwait where my job was to manage expats from all over the world. For many it was their first time away from home and first job after University. Fewer things started to excite me more than a morning so early that no one would be awake for hours to text, call, email, or knock at my door with a (non)urgent problem. High five to all the parents and managers out there that can relate. So much love for those wiley expats and I am forever grateful for the value they taught me of morning routines.

I recently returned from a short holiday in Dubai. A few days upon returning I found myself back in the snooze routine. My workouts and overall energy a little sluggish and my mind a bit unfocused. Very unusual side effects coming off a weekend holiday for me.

The days where my morning routine slacks are the nights I sleep the worst. Those nights spiral into a cycle of coffee on repeat and snooze button abuse the next day. Lazy days can be just as healthy as a workout session but if the snooze routine lasts more than a few days, check yourself before you wreck yourself!

If you’ve struggled with focus, energy, weight gain/loss, and recovery from illness, consider taking up (or shaking up) a better morning routine! Here’s a peek at the first 30 minutes of my day that never fails to set me up for success!


Take temperature. I find this the most effective for understanding hormones and levels of intensity my body can handle for the day based on my core temp.

Let there be LIGHT! I open my shades and let the daylight hit me right in my eyeballs! Natural light releases hormones to start the waking cycle and make you alert.

Gulp a glass of room temp water with lime & pink salt. This is a great reset for the liver and hormones. It prepares the body for digestion and has significantly cut down on my need for morning coffee. I chug this while I start my tea kettle!

MOVEMENT. This is the most important! While I wait for my kettle to whistle, I move! There are no rules here. I’ll have a dance party, stretch, twist, bend, hop, and get weird for at least 5 minutes! Video below for inspiration!

Tea time. Sip, ahhhhhh! Green tea with lemon is my favorite. I enjoy this in silence while I do a quick body scan meditation, water my plants, and soak up some sunlight before a quick shower.

When the spine is warm, the whole body can play! My favorite game is transitioning to and from joints without losing momentum. This is the best way to notice where my body holds tension and what needs work!

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