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It’s a vibe. | Lost And Found

I’ve been in Kuwait for 5 years now. Road rage has been one of the biggest measures of my ability to cope and manage stress. Kuwait traffic is essentially the belief “My time is more important than you!” in action. 

When I feel myself being sucked into the road rage it makes me think of an experiment from a Fighting Monkey seminar I attended a few years ago. We were a group of 50 from more than 30 countries. We had every excuse to say we’d fail in our challenge due to cultural or language barriers. 

Part 1: walk around the room in various directions making sure not to bump into others. It was a little awkward in the beginning but we soon found our flow. 

Part 2: Continuing the flow pick out one person to keep within your peripheral vision. You weren’t allowed to make it obvious of who you picked out but you had to keep them in your sight at all times. 

Part 3: We were instructed to choose another person. Now both people needed to remain within your peripheral at all times.

Part 4: Jozef (instructor) identified more people to track in our peripheral with our other two “targets”. He would call out various characteristics – blue shoes, red hair band, etc. The pace and energy elevated. We were able to avoid bumping into one another but a noticeable change of anxiety filled the room. Did the anxiety come from everyone focusing on who/what they were tracking or did it come from others tracking you? 

Part 5: Continuing our tracks Jozef instructed us to put our finger on the right shoulder of the first person we picked to follow. Someone made a hard shift towards their person and before we knew it the entire room was sucked into a running vortex linked finger to shoulder. The perception of anxiety in one person triggered the group. At one point this had it’s advantages for survival. If one person detected a threat it’s ideal that the entire group picked up on it.

We affect each other. Have you every noticed how different cities have different vibes? Is it all just based on socioeconomic status, demographics, weather, language, culture, or the built-environment?

Someone wants what I have.” I don’t mean to say that this is every resident’s belief. I know it isn’t. But could energy of Kuwait’s traumatic events that created that belief be trapped here the way your body traps energy from your first or worst experiences? 

Anywhere in the world it’s difficult to avoid the vortex of someone wants what I have whether it’s time, money, education, status, relationship, or material things ESPECIALLY if your mind is laser focused on a belief – there’s not enough. Check yourself before you wreck yourself – your words, what you read, who you surround yourself with, and your physical environment.

Think about the energy your environment, city, office, family, or social circle hold. Good or bad, how do you attract it or protect yourself from it? Share with me.

– Meg

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