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Self Care & Nutrition Stress

By Megan Guthmiller General, Nutrition, Relationships, Travel, Work Life Balance No Comments on Self Care & Nutrition Stress

Who are you?

Embrace the glorious mess that you are. – Elizabeth Gilbert


I’ve spent some time discovering various aspects of my self care and nutrition lately with my Who Are You? Discovery Book. I took 5 minutes to free write my answer to the following questions about my eating style and self care beliefs. Give it a try and let me know what you discover!

What is your eating style?

My relationship with food is all about comfort, creativity, speed, and connection. My most memorable meals were cafeteria food with my Grandpa. In his last few years he lived in a nursing home 14 miles away from me. Every Wednesday and every weekend I drove to have dinner with him. We loved our date nights even if the food was shit. Food has so much to do with how I connect with others.

Food is comfort – Inherited from my Mother. When anyone visits the first question is “what do you want to eat while you’re here?”. This might be why I cook for an army when I only have 2 guests. I want all the options available for everyone to be fed aka comfortable. I love to provide a meal that brings people together and provides the comfort for meaningful conversation. There’s no small talk at my dinner parties.

Speed! Hurry up and eat before school! Hurry up and eat before practice! Hurry up or there won’t be enough left for seconds! Hurry up and eat before you have to race again! Hurry up and eat before bed! Eating slowly has for sure been the most difficult nutrition habit for me to master. My goal is at least one meal a day lasting 20 minutes with no distractions. If I get this done at my first meal I’m usually set up for success at the rest of my meals.

Food is a creative expression. My Father is a master chef when it comes to spice mixes, smoked meats, and grilled goods. He is very creative and inventive from his food to his cooking appliances (his meat smoker is an old refrigerate and my little brothers nebulizer has been altered to provide a cold smoke generator 😳). My first business was a food prep company. This filled a huge creative void I was feeling elsewhere in my life at the time. This is also why I can’t follow recipes and probably why my shared recipes often include amounts like “ish”,  “a bit”, or “load up”.

Which part of self are you caring for?

Self care for my feminine traits are more difficult than caring for my masculine traits. I’ve stopped biting my nails. I lean towards my masculine traits often but once I started tracking my cycle daily I found less of a need to literally eat away at myself with nail biting. Your mind, body, and stress make so much more sense when you understand your physiology. Men, you don’t have a cycle as complicated to track BUT I know you struggle with body confidence and hormones too – especially as you age.

I give a lot. This is a feminine trait I know well. I give to my personal clients and my group classes. I’m often consulted by gym owners and coaches, my family, and my friends. I love what I do and LOVE to share what I know but I do have to be careful about giving to the point of feeling depleted. (Take 5: Challenges 1&2).

When I looked my best, I had the least amount of body confidence. Where do your insecurities come from? Media? Society? Family? I think it’s important to recognize what your parents and friends complain about with their body. Are your insecurities your stories or someone else’s? Recognizing things you’ve been excessively praised for on your body can give some great insight to your insecurities and idea of beauty too.

I love you,


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