Core Values

(Re)Discover your core values guiding work, life, health, and more! Click below for this FREE 10 minute mini-course and meditation!

Signature Program

My Signature Program leads you to dietary freedom with coaching methods that have been proven with over 100,000 clients! Registration for my next group opens up May 6th, 2019 – save a spot today!

Personal Training

Addressing specific needs and goals of those living with illness, pain, injury or disabilities. These needs may include, but are not limited to, physical health and mobility, stress management, emotional well-being, social health, and nutrition. Available in-home and online.

Wellness Uncovered Webinars

Health and wellness requires some trial and error. This collection of webinars, meditations, and exercises takes you on a self-paced journey to simplify that process. Save yourself from messing around with myths based on bad science, bullshit, and strict formulas. 

Group Training & Workshops

Interactive classes that transcend the communication of information and data. Boost productivity and relieve stress for your employees or membership today!

Transformational Travel

Take space to play. Uncover your well-being through inspiring conversation, movement, and stunning nature. You’ll come home with an improved self image, clear purpose, and a new tribe of friends.