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Stress Perception

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I’ve had a vision of myself being location independent when it comes to my work. I’ve wanted to be able to help others from anywhere while still taking care of myself. I’ve spent the last year hustling with workshops, appointments, and organizing years of research and content into digestible chapters for online programs to reach this vision. I thought I was 5-10 years away from this dream but here I am doing it. It’s not the full time reality yet, but I’m proud of myself for creating the opportunity now.

On my travels I’ve been known to have some deep and inspiring conversations with taxi and uber drivers. Just me? My recent Bali start was no different. Within the first 20 minutes we had covered the basic language phrases I’d need to survive and show respect, what ethical tourism means, work-life balance around the world, politics local and abroad, religion, funerals and life celebrations, prison, books, family dynamics, healthcare, drugs, and school.

Reality check:
On every street, of every village, of every city, state, country, etc … people are sitting around their table complaining about their government corruptions. This doesn’t excuse or justify any of it. I just find traveling has been a nice reality check on what any of us have control over in life. How much of your home area and people have you neglected to connect with? When things are so close it’s easy to adopt the mindset, “I can do that any time.” Be a tourist in your home city or state more often. Maybe start adjusting daily conveniences, habits, and expectations to create the funds and opportunities to travel far too!

Suartana (the taxi driver) and I ended our ride in agreement that each day we’ll wake up with the following intentions and habits:

Treat people with kindness first.

We’ll make a living doing what fills us with purpose. Whether that’s providing for a family, providing a service, creating a product, working for the man, or creating something to fill a need – it will connect to a value we hold in our core beliefs.

We agreed the best health comes through connection with our community and loved ones.

Through movement and wholesome food we’ll give our bodies the information it can use best to carry us forward in life.

These are a few things we have control over: Mindset, Movement, Food, how we treat our Environment, and the Relationships we give energy to. We’ll live what we believe by ensuring those ethics show in our daily actions and habits.

I believe he’ll hold up his end of this agreement. I will hold mine.

If you’ve felt lost in the kerfuffle of complaining about health, traffic, the weather, the time on the clock, the date on the calendar, the man in power, the money in the bank, friends, family, romance, or the opportunities others get … I’ve been there too. Everyone has. No one has ALL of that stress figured out at one given time.

How do you perceive your stress? Is it something you think you can’t keep up with? What’s the language around your life stress? Is it comparison? Blame? Resistance? 

Life is sweet and so are you.

Much love,

Playing with the waves of responsibility. Some splash me in the face and sting my eyes. Some leave a bad taste in my mouth. Some gently roll over me. Some spin me around and pump my adrenaline. Some suck me under … and I’m a National Champion swimmer 😉 

How do I stay afloat? Don’t fight it. Allow yourself to float in it and breathe to feel your next move.

How do I stay afloat? Conserve energy. Maybe that energy is time, emotion, or money.

How do I stay afloat? Direction over destination. Head towards your core values. Each stroke is a decision that leads you closer to the life you envision for yourself. Not all strokes are smooth, fast, easy. Be patient.

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