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Wellness Uncovered | Lost And Found

Wellness Uncovered

Eating less and exercising more sucks!

Food and movement are about 30% of your health journey. Your relationships (romantic, social, family)finances (education, career, money), energy (spirit, creativity, coping skills), and environment (in-home, outdoors, community) account for the other 70%. Reduce the stress load from your money and responsibilities to your relationships and self-care with this program.

Wellness Uncovered gives you the flexibility to choose your own adventure in all areas of stress PLUS you get the best coaching from me with skill development and accountability. Let’s uncover what’s under your mind chatter, habits, and distractions.

Program Includes

  • 6 chapters of stress management
    • Food & Nutrition, Self Care, Environment, Finances, Relationships, and your Energy
  • My most popular Webinars with live Q&A
    • Gut Health
    • Don’t Diet!
    • Movement Improvement & Pain Relief
    • Core Values
    • Goal Setting
  • Personal video call with me
  • Over 30 meditations
  • Ongoing support of an online Facebook community
  • Endless access to materials for a self-paced adventure

Program Results:

  • Stress Management skill development for work, life, and health
  • Living a life within the context of your best life. Not the one everyone hashtags with a pretty picture. The actual best life – the one between the vacations and pretty pictures.
  • Gain strength, energy and mobility – without hours in a gym or on a yoga mat
  • Achieve personal, health, and career goals sooner than later – with time, task, and even financial organization
  • Brave expression as you bring a new style to life
  • Clear action steps to grow your potential in business, health, and relationships