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Maybe it’s my first time?

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Did you know that the part of your brain responsible for creating beliefs develops until the age of 26?! 

The energy of our first or worst experience when it comes to things like sadness, hurt, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, rejection, and trauma are stored in our cells. These cells link to things like our libido, weight, brain fog, and even autoimmune issues.

When trapped energy is triggered it sends us into fight or flight mode. We react based on a belief created from our first/worst experience. Most of these beliefs come from childhood because as a kid we’re trying to figure out who we are so when we encounter these experiences our beliefs end up self-centered. 

“I’m too much” is a belief I carried around for years. It still gets triggered at times (especially when I post random talking videos on IG which is exactly why I post them).

I’m not entirely sure where this belief was created in my timeline. As a child was I always told to be quiet? Maybe I was mocked for going above and beyond. Was I judged harshly for my ideas and goals? Maybe it was created from experiences with ex-boyfriends. Was I too something

We can’t go back and change our experiences. We might not even remember the experience as it happened but we can release the trauma from our nervous system.

How you perceive your stress is the root to releasing it. When an incorrect belief is triggered pay attention to the way you speak to yourself.

  • comparison
  • this is stupid
  • life is too hard
  • I can’t keep up
  • someone will hurt me
  • I’m not enough
  • I’m too much
  • perfection equals survival

As an adult go back and examine some of your beliefs. Be the wise mind of the child who couldn’t navigate a sad and hurtful experiences in a healthy way. When these feelings are triggered use it as a challenge to grow. How did I get here and what can I do about it? This is where you begin to evolve from your issues of trauma, debt, guilt, resentment, etc.

It’s a practice. Once you start using the skill you’re able to bounce back and forth from reaction to creation with ease. You’ll travel from Lost AF to found with ease!

I have to give a big thank you to my clients for helping me navigate the belief “I’m too much”. Over the last year I’ve been challenged by them as I transition from just physical training to include more mental, emotional, and social components.

  • comparison > I am creative
  • this is stupid > I am smart enough to figure it out
  • life is too hard > I see barriers as lessons
  • I can’t keep up > I’m not behind
  • someone will hurt me > Only if I give them permission
  • I’m not enough/too much > I love and accept myself
  • perfection equals survival > progress over perfection

What old belief are you tossing away and what new belief will you pick up?

– Meg

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